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Post by Hetachi » Fri Jul 06, 2018 9:50 am

Suggestion: {50-150 words what is the suggestion and what you want to see MUST BE FILLED}
Affected server: {Which servers would you want to see this implemented in? MUST BE FILLED}
Negative side effects: {What could be some negative side effects ? MUST BE FILLED}
Command that should change or be added: {What command would change, and or what attributes of it would change?}
New visual effect: {50 words how you imagine it would look MUST BE FILLED }
Any chat changes: {50 words how it would affect chat MUST BE FILLED }
Why you want these changes: {200 words why you want these changes, what would be different, how it would improve our server MUST BE FILLED}

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[color=#0040FF]Suggestion: [/color]
[color=#0040FF]Affected server: [/color] 
[color=#0040FF]Negative side effects:[/color] 
[color=#0040FF]Command that should change or be added: [/color] 
[color=#0040FF]New visual effect:[/color] 
[color=#0040FF]Any chat changes: [/color] 
[color=#0040FF]Why you want these changes:[/color]  
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