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Administrator Rules

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Admin levels and duties
Senior Admin - Must keep an eye on other administrators and carefully look over their work then give positive or negative feedback on how to improve themselves.
(Punishment type: Forum complaint only)

General Admin - Should deal with any trouble by showing best practices and best ways to do it. Must provide a perfect example to lower level admins on how to administrate servers.
(Punishment type: Forum complaint only)

Junior Admin - Should deal with trouble with ease, still if they have trouble they can ask for help to higher levels and get their advice to handle their situations correctly
(Punishment type: Forum complaint only)

Trainee Admin - Trainee admins have to monitor higher levels learn how to Administrate servers and what to do in situations and how to do it, but they are not required to do anything if they don't know how or if they should do it.
(Punishment type: Forum complaint only)

Bought Admin - Moderator of the servers, acts as a regular player but also Administrator rules apply, yet they are not required to do anything.
(Punishment type: Regular player punishments apply)
General Administrator rules
  1. Following rules
    • As an admin you are obligated to follow all rules.
    • Admins are not allowed to change the rules in any way.
    • All Admins MUST make a perfect Example of how to behave!
  2. Banning and other punishments
    • Administrators must follow the provided punishment times and are not allowed to put higher times without a Founder permission.
    • Administrators are not allowed to punish players for no reason, or if they are not 100% certain and have proof that a player has been breaking rules.
  3. Administrator commands
    • Admins are not allowed to use Admin commands to gain benefits and or in any other way allow them to gain advantages over other players.
    • Admins are allowed to use fun commands on players, but only if the player has allowed it.
    • Before Admin events they must make a vote, which has to be successful.
  4. Admins are required to make decisions based on reason not emotions.
    • Example: This is when a Admin bans someone who kills you 3 times.
    • This is when an Admin flames at someone, provokes them and then bans them.
    • This is when Admins make up a rule and then punish players for breaking that rule.
Posting on Admin applications
  • All admins have 1 vote and they must vote as soon as possible.
  • Vote has to include decision - either :v: or :x: and reasoning for it. Votes without a valid reason won't be counted.
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Re: Administrator Rules

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