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Our Community servers can be quite addictive!

Donation perks!

  • Weapon Paints - Change the skin of weapon to anything you want!
  • Knife change - Change you whatever knife you want!
  • Reserved slot - Join any server at any time, even if it's full. (If the server is full, use console to connect and override full server error!)
  • Roll the Dice (!Dice) - Roll the Dice, and get (Deagle,HP,Speed,Shotgun,Noclip or any other perk from 32 perk list.)
  • Become a ghost (!Redie) - After death respawn, and roam the map as a Ghost!
  • Change playe model (!models) - Ability to change players skin model to all kinds of superheros (Flash,Batman,Deadpool,FFXI,Droid,Stormtropper).
  • Special chat color - For VIPs only!
  • Health Syringe - One of the new items is a health syringe that will give 50hp back when used.!
  • Tactical Awareness Grenade - Ever wanted wallhack? This grenade shows enemies behind walls for short ammount of time!
  • Show Damage Dealt - Gain ability to see where you hit, and how hard (Display damage dealt to health, armor, and where it hit.)
  • Expirience Boost (50% Extra) - Gain extra expirience for each kill on our SURF + RPG Server!
  • Special Forum Title - With this title you will be able to change your forum name color at any time, and make your own private forum groups!*
    (*This is a perk for 3 Month VIP package)

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